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The Haven of Hope Foundation’s vision is to connect GIVERS with MISSIONARIES by supporting the wants and needs of both groups.  We are connected with an ever increasing number of MISSIONARIES who are exceptional people that are truly laying their lives down to do what God has called them to do with all of their hearts.  These MISSIONARIES are always in need of financial resources.  We desire to connect GIVERS who have both the resources to give and the heart to want to give with these MISSIONARIES.  GIVERS are busy and always skeptical of whether someone will profit from their giving or whether their gift will make the difference they desire.  The vision of the Haven of Hope Foundation is be the bridge that the GIVERS need to connect them with the MISSIONARIES that need them.


March 1, 2021|Comments Off on Romania

We partner with the Gospel Tabernacle of Couderport, Pennsylvania to support orphanages and churches through local pastors in Lipova, Deva and Hunedoara, Romania.  The Haven of Hope Foundation helps the Gospel Tabernacle to provide ongoing [...]


March 1, 2021|Comments Off on Kenya

We partner with Pastor Mark Villers from Meadville, Pennsylvania to support Pastor Chris Okumu.  Pastor Chris runs an orphanage, church, private school and medical clinic that serve the poor of the Kibera Slums in Nairobi, [...]


March 1, 2021|Comments Off on Liberia

We partner with Luke Watson of Coudersport, Pennsylvania to provide ongoing monthly support for an orphanage in Buchanan, Liberia.

SOM International

March 1, 2021|Comments Off on SOM International

We partner with Pastor Herb Stoner from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to provide ongoing monthly support for Schools of Ministry International (SOM International). Pastor Herb directs SOM International in several cities in Romania and in India.  SOM [...]

Encounter Conference 2014

July 3, 2014|Comments Off on Encounter Conference 2014

  Pastors and Leaders Conference – Lipova, Romania September 26th and 27th, 2014 Sponsored by Gospel Tabernacle Church of Coudersport, PA. Hosted by AMC Bethlehem Church of Lipova, Romania. Services:  Friday the 26th at 6:30 [...]

  • Hunedoara Church Plans

New Church in Hunedoara, Romania

January 22, 2014|Comments Off on New Church in Hunedoara, Romania

This is where it all begins.  Here is the sketch of the new church building that will be constructed this year in Hunedoara, Romania.  This sketch is currently being converted to professional drawings that will [...]

Tornado in Deva, Romania

August 29, 2013|Comments Off on Tornado in Deva, Romania

Talk about a bad Monday.  On Monday, August 26th, 2013, a tornado tore through the city of Deva in Romania.  In the process, it severely damaged the roofs on the orphanage we support with its [...]


August 29, 2013|Comments Off on E-Giving

The Haven of Hope Foundation now has the ability to accept online donations.  Thanks to the help of our Brother Julian Craig, we can now accept donations using a safe and secure online donation system. [...]

Small Deeds

December 10, 2011|Comments Off on Small Deeds

"A Small Deed is better than a Grand Plan"   I heard this quote recently and it made me think about how we should be living our lives.  I don't want this blog to be [...]

A Strong Structure

December 10, 2011|Comments Off on A Strong Structure

Its important to understand the different roles that everyone play in God's work.  "Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body" - 1 Cor. 12:12  We [...]