Bridge the Gap:

The Haven of Hope Foundation’s vision is to connect GIVERS with MISSIONARIES by supporting the wants and needs of both groups.  We are connected with an ever increasing number of MISSIONARIES who are exceptional people that are truly laying their lives down to do what God has called them to do with all of their hearts.  These MISSIONARIES are always in need of financial resources.  We desire to connect GIVERS who have both the resources to give and the heart to want to give with these MISSIONARIES.  GIVERS are busy and always skeptical of whether someone will profit from their giving or whether their gift will make the difference they desire.  The vision of the Haven of Hope Foundation is be the bridge that the GIVERS need to connect them with the MISSIONARIES that need them.

For the GIVERS, we:

    • Fully vet every missionary.  We know that nearly everyone who has a heart to give has been burned in the past.  Perhaps it was a donation to an organization that you later found out supported issues that were contrary to your values.  Perhaps you gave money for a particular project and the project never got done.  Perhaps you later learned that the directors of the organization were taking huge salaries.  Perhaps you gave a small donation only to be bombarded with mailings asking for more.  We only sponsor MISSIONARIES that we know have given their whole hearts and lives to Jesus.  GIVERS will not be burned and we take that promise personally.
  • Ensure Return on Donation.  Successful people who want to be GIVERS typically have resources to give because they have a financial mindset.  In their lives they have budgeted their money, made wise investments and have disciplined themselves to follow through with the plans that they have made.  We work with the MISSIONARIES to ensure that they can execute on the projects God has put on their hearts.  Whether it be to build a church, take care of orphans, start a business venture to benefit their mission or to complete a project that will benefit the community as an outreach, we support the MISSIONARIES from planning to execution to maintenance.  Givers will receive a return on their donation as explained by the project they support.
  • Provide Reporting.  Any GIVER to the Haven of Hope Foundation will receive professional reporting on the results achieved by the donation.  Our hope is that GIVERS will be as involved as they desire to be.  Some are content to make a donation and receive updates on how the MISSIONARIES they supported are doing.  Others will want to travel and be involved with the projects they support.  Still others will chose some level of participation in between.  We will support any level of involvement and reporting a GIVER desires.
  • Help Identify a MISSIONARY.  We help GIVERS to connect with MISSIONARIES who are working on issues that the GIVERS want to support.  Whether that is providing a home to an orphan, building schools for the poor, providing water where there is not, providing food to the hungry, rescuing child slaves or providing life enabling surgeries to the poor, the Haven of Hope Foundation has contacts with trustworthy Christian organizations working around the world.   


  • Support their vision.  The Haven of Hope Foundation is not called to support any specific project or purpose.  Consistent with 2 Chronicals 16:9, Our goal is to “strongly support those whose heart is completely His”.  Our purpose is to help MISSIONARIES in any way we can to achieve their visions.
  • Provide help.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  Most MISSIONARIES have extraordinary faith and hearts full of Jesus’ love.  Most have endured extreme hardships that have tested, refined and proven them as vessels to be used by God.  However, they may not have experience with managing money or organizing people.  Even MISSIONARIES who have been very successful at starting their organizations may lack the skills to successfully manage a larger organization.  While most of the help we provide is financially oriented, we also focus on making sure every MISSIONARY we support has all the resources they need to be successful.
  • Do No Harm.  The last thing we want to do is harm a MISSIONARY by causing them to grow faster than they should, or by giving them financial resources they are not prepared to handle.  Our goal is to support MISSIONARIES and their God given visions, not to do anything to hurt them.

The Haven of Hope Foundation is based on the following Basic Core Principles:

  • Advance the Gospel of Jesus – Every person or organization that the Haven of Hope Foundation supports is focused on spreading the Gospel message.  Our focus is to support those who are introducing Jesus to the lost using whatever methods God has put on their hearts to use.  Many foundations focused on education, live saving vaccinations or feeding the hungry have admirable goals, but they are missing an eternal perspective.  What good did they accomplish if those that were helped remain unsaved?
  • Do everything with Excellence – Givers demand it and Missionaries deserve it.  The founder of the Haven of Hope Foundation has experience from the corporate world, running demanding start ups and small businesses coupled with experience serving Pastors, Churches and Missionaries.
  • Serve – Ministry is about one thing.  Service.  The Haven of Hope Foundation will be connected with all that God is doing in the world, to serve them.  We will also be connected to countless givers who have a heart to give and support all that God is doing in the world, to serve them.
  • No Overhead Burden – 100% of donations received are used for their intended purposes.  No one takes a salary from the Haven of Hope Foundation and all of its expenses are covered by its founder.  This principle totally eliminates the multitude of conflicts that most foundations have to balance.