“A Small Deed is better than a Grand Plan”


I heard this quote recently and it made me think about how we should be living our lives.  I don’t want this blog to be full of preaching or my opinions, so I will stay focused on how this quote applies to the work we are doing.  

So many times, when I tell people about the work in Romania, they respond by telling me about the rich people they know who they think will support a project.  I’ve learned to kindly move the conversation along because I have never seen a “grand plan” like this come to pass.  Most people, regardless of their position in life, do not believe that they can make a difference.  Sometimes they don’t believe that they have enough for themselves.  More often they have plans that if they come true will enable them to make a difference.

There are two parts to this quote.  What we can do may seem small to us.  When we fly on a missions trip, we always fly coach.  The least expensive itineraries often have long layovers and less than routing.  The trips are short and our agendas are sometimes questioned as to whether they are worthwhile.  The buildings and churches that were built are meager.  They are practical and not ornate.  In every way, the works are “Small Deeds”.  But they are not small in God’s eyes.  The humble church was no small deed to the person who gave his heart to Jesus with a stream of tears.  The seemingly uneventful agenda was very eventful to person that was prayed for who just needed to know someone loved them.  The small orphanage means the world to the child who would be lost without it.

There is nothing wrong with having “Grand Plans”.  Planning is important to everything we do.  Without them, nothing would be accomplished.  The danger is that sometimes our focus can linger too long on the future and we can forget about the present.  There are people in need today who may not survive to see the “Grand Plan” in action, if it ever comes.  Living too far in the future puts our present in danger.

“You can never out give God.”  There are so many promises in the bible that relate to our finances.  They all have the same theme, of course.  What you sow with the wind, you reap with the whirlwind.  You will receive with the same measure that you give.  Test Me and see if I won’t open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing that you won’t be able to contain it.  I’m sorry for the paraphrasing, but those are all promises from the bible.  No where does it say that God will give us much so that we’ll have extra to give away.  First we give, then we receive; Never the opposite.  Its not how we might prefer the system to work, but I can honestly say that I have never met a sincere giver who ever regretted their “small deed”.

I’m encouraging you to dream big and believe God for miracles in the future, but don’t forget to sow the seed of faith with whatever small deeds you can in the here and now.