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The Haven of Hope Foundation’s vision is to connect GIVERS with MISSIONARIES by supporting the wants and needs of both groups.  We are connected with an ever increasing number of MISSIONARIES who are exceptional people that are truly laying their lives down to do what God has called them to do with all of their hearts.  These MISSIONARIES are always in need of financial resources.  We desire to connect GIVERS who have both the resources to give and the heart to want to give with these MISSIONARIES.  GIVERS are busy and always skeptical of whether someone will profit from their giving or whether their gift will make the difference they desire.  The vision of the Haven of Hope Foundation is be the bridge that the GIVERS need to connect them with the MISSIONARIES that need them.

Pastor Viorel

December 10, 2011|Comments Off on Pastor Viorel

Pastor Viorel is our partner in the cities of Deva and Hunedoara.  He works full time doing construction work with his Caterpillar backhoe to support his family.  He often gives generously to the church and [...]


November 24, 2011|Comments Off on Readers

For years I've been delayed in creating a website or blog for one simple reason.  The reason is that I know the audience will be very diverse.  Its really quite difficult to share information when the [...]

Ioana Testimony

November 6, 2011|Comments Off on Ioana Testimony

Ioana is 7 years old and lives at the Deva orphanage.  Pastor Viorel asked a few of the orphans to testify at the dedication of the orphanage in Hunedoara.           This little girl [...]

Hunedoara Orphanage Worship

November 6, 2011|Comments Off on Hunedoara Orphanage Worship

The worship in Romania is excellent.  The room that we use for church service in Hunedoara was not big enough to hold all the people who came to the orphanage dedication.  The weather was great, [...]

Hunedoara Orphanage

November 6, 2011|Comments Off on Hunedoara Orphanage

On July 15th, 2011, this building became a home for children.  I remember coming to the land before the first scoop of dirt had been moved for the foundation. Pastor Viorel had the vision to [...]