History of Ministry:

The Gospel Tabernacle of Coudersport, PA began supporting the work in Romania shortly after Romania’s Communist revolution in 1989.  Pastor J. David Minor Sr. received a prophetic word from Pastor David Cannistraci that connected the small church in rural north central Pennsylvania to God’s work in Romania.  Shortly thereafter, Pastor Minor Sr. received an invitation to travel to Romania with Pastor Finn.  Pastor Minor Sr.’s son, Pastor Dave Minor Jr., answered the Lord’s call and traveled to Romania with Pastor Finn in January of 1990, during the harsh winter.  The Haven of Hope Foundation was formed in 2010 to continue this work.  This support included the building of a church in Lipova, the building of an orphanage in Hunedoara, the starting of an international adoption agency, tent outreach meetings, ongoing financial and overseer support of three orphanages and countless ministry trips.

For Detailed Information:

Currently, we support two ministries in western Romania.  Please click on the pictures below for more information about each ministry.



Lipova Church

Deva / Hunedoara


How You Can Help:

What is most needed for the ministry in Romania is ongoing monthly financial support.  The orphanages rely on donations every month to pay for the monthly expense of raising approximately 45 children in three orphanages.  The pastors and their families donate 100% of their time and receive no compensation from the donations.  The expenses in Romania are very similar to the cost of living in the United States.  We rely on donations to cover every expense from electricity to water to food to clothing to medicine to school supplies.  We are currently in a desperate financial situation making it by on a month to month basis.

You can also learn about additional projects that each pastor has on their heart to complete for the furtherance of God’s kingdom.  Detailed information on each project is listed on the page describing the individual ministries.