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Pastor Moise, affectionately known as Pastor Moses, is our partner in the city Lipova.  He works full time as an electrical engineer for the Italian owned electric utility company.

He is a model pastor.  In addition to his full time job as an engineer, Pastor Moise is a full time pastor.  His schedule of weekly church services, youth services, bible studies, counseling and visitation is more than a job in itself.  On top of that, he is an excellent father to his four biological children AND the orphaned children that he fathers.  He manages greenhouses, farm animals and the new fish farm.

Pastor Moise is a selfless giver.  When the orphanage had only been open for a few years, there came a time when it looked like the orphanage would have to close for lack of funding.  Pastor Moise, before he was even the pastor, knew the orphanage was God’s work, so he refused to sit back and let it close.  He decided to give 90% of his income to the orphanage and live on 10%.  After work every day, he would go to the orphanage to cook, help the children with their homework and take care of the children.  With his help, the orphanage survived and has taken care of many children over the years.

Pastor Moise is married to his wife Nuti and they have four children.  Sister Nuti works tirelessly as the administrator of the orphanage.  She has received extensive training for family counseling to be able to minister to families in stressful situations.  




Monthly Support

The greatest need is for partners to contribute money on a monthly basis to pay for the day to day living expenses of the children.  This money will be used to buy food, clothes, school supplies and pay all the bills that every family has.  The cost of living in Romania is comparable to many western countries.  Consider what it would cost you to provide for a family of 20 hungry mouths.

Soccer Field

The church owns a piece of adjacent property that would be ideal for a soccer field.  The soccer field would be an area for the orphanage children to play, but more importantly would be an outreach of the church.  The only other dedicated soccer field in the area is private and behind locked gates.  Pastor Moise would be able to attract young people from the community with the field to create opportunities to witness

Fish Farm

By the generosity of a US donor, we were able to drill a water well to provide water to two fish ponds.  Pastor Moise intends to use the ponds to grow fish and children.  The fish will feed the children and provide income with the sale of the extra fish.  The ponds also provide a place for Pastor Moise to connect one-on-one with children as the fish for fun.  The project would involve adding liners to the ponds to help them retain water.  It would also provide funding for a fence to keep ducks and geese in while keeping stray dogs and unaccompanied children out.  Fish grow 40% faster when they live under waterfowl.

Areas Served


Pastor Moise is our partner in the city of Lipova, Romania.


Photo Gallery

The video is dated, the stats are stale, the facilities have
be upgrade and the children have grown, but it will give
you a feel for what the orphanage at Lipova is like.